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updated 1 week ago


Braces Crutches Bandage

Pictures and videos of my wife crutching & wearing various braces.

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Recent updates from Wifecrutching

1 week ago - Sep 20, 2022

32 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

SLC at the mall 10 minutes of walkin with my personalized crutches! I'm wearing a short legcast and a short dress!

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3 weeks ago - Sep 7, 2022

44 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Kneebrace at home: A day with my kneebrace! 6 minutes of walking with my kneebrace in a thong slip!

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1 month ago - Aug 6, 2022

76 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

LLC at home: 6 minutes of video walking with crutches in my fantastic LLC full leg cast! I have naked feet!

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1 month ago - Jul 29, 2022

46 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

A hot day in a supermarket with my SLC and crutches! 29 minutes of crutching scenes and face shoot!

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2 months ago - Jul 6, 2022

65 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Beach morning bundle: Two videos of total 12 minutes. a morning day at the beach with a little accident! All crutching scenes with original sound!

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4 months ago - Mai 24, 2022

95 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Video bundle - crutching at Ikea store - Another day at the Ikea store! Some crutching scenes whit two shoes and in the second video in only one shoe and a grey sock.

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4 months ago - Mai 10, 2022

60 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Air Cast market - video without face mask! transparent pants ... wearing grey sock and air cast

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