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updated 7 months ago


Casts Braces Sprain Crutches Wheelchair Bandage

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Recent updates from Glamourgesso

7 months ago - Sep 29, 2021

132 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Svitlana SLC "Silky Blondie" - In the evening of 5th day, in her room, Svitlana wears a pink silk dress and softly tries to put a silk stocking on the plaster cast, then tries to wear a sporty white sock. A must have for all fans of covered casts.

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7 months ago - Sep 26, 2021

82 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

CECILIA LAFS - WALKING IN HEELS: You find her dressed in an extremely elegant dark tube and high heels, perfectly balancing her body despite the weight of her plaster cast. She takes a look over Firenze by a panorama point before let you escort her

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7 months ago - Sep 23, 2021

87 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Svitlana LLC "Flirting in heels" - She offers you red wine and flirts with you on the sofa telling you how she tries to look sexy despite her cast and asking you if you like her casted. Then she tells you that she wants to be back to work

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7 months ago - Sep 20, 2021

73 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Svitlana SLC "Love my Heels" - Day 5 brings the sexiest scene for feet addicted: Svitlana wears an elegant white dress and tries on all her heels shoes, one by one, telling her sensations to walk with heels and crutches. Great close-ups on her toes

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8 months ago - Sep 4, 2021

95 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

On day 4 Svitlana is wearing a sport suit and crutches up and down the hills of the town, great views of her from front and back in this part.

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8 months ago - Aug 22, 2021

86 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Ukrainian professional model Svitlana wears her severely ankle bent LLC. She seduces you with impressive close ups on her bent ankle, and talking about her feelings beeing in her huge and angled cast.

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9 months ago - Aug 2, 2021

133 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Colombian amateur model Juliana acts in an extremely sexy and involving story leading her in a DUAL_LLC making her able to move only with her wheelchair. You find her in a DUAL_LLC and wheelchair, with her friends helping her to move pushing her whe

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