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cast central links - 2021 style! - a community-driven news portal for cast & brace sites

How does it work?

Anyone can submit sites (not only their own but also sites they like).
The system has a small "moderator" system so if we notice members who submit and update content they will be given moderator status - castnews is community driven :)

Notice for site-owners: If your site is listed here and managed by community: You can claim ownership for it! So take control if you want to! If you don't want your site to be listed at all - give me a message and i will delete it.
Regarding images of updates and sites submitted by the community - we use only screenshots and publicly available content to describe & link content.

The intention behind castnews:

For some time i thought about developing a follow-up for links page. I always liked cc links as a news resource but with the time it got messy and its not up to date anymore.

The problem with CC Links is, that it over-represents paysites - don't get me wrong paysites have their legitimacy, and i'm a member of some as well. But: a webmaster of a free site should be given a way to show his content as well (there is lots of good free content out there). And they won't pay per update...

I have no intention to make money with castnews - i think the casters community should be represented in a modern way. If the costs get too high, i'll think about how to monetize the project.

Community feedback:

"There are so many amazing smaller content creators out there that I’m sure I’m unaware of. People are hosting content these days on Patreon, OnlyFans, TikTok, Instagram... a plethora of platforms (that I don’t happen to use/frequent enough to find them)
Gone are the days of people setting up dedicated websites.
CC has been dying a slow death for a while now. I think that, as a community, we need to come together to share our finds from on a platform like this
CC is a walled garden that doesn’t allow you to do that."

m4tts6288 @ castersclub

"It's so refreshing to see a creator in this community that doesn't feel the need to monetize or profit from everything. Back when I discovered cast fetish online, the majority of content wasn't monetized and it was just individual community members hosting, creating, and sharing content on their own "time and dime". Things are a lot different now. Any resource that will nurture those who still want to contribute freely is a good thing, and so is a bit of competition in the cast fetish ecosystem."

ty808 @ castersclub

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