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updated 1 year ago

C.L. Lab


THE JAPANESE CAST SITE. | Preview : | Pay with PAYPAL No membership, only download.

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Recent updates from C.L. Lab

1 year ago - Sep 18, 2022

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Japanese Bondage in DLAC - You can see the Japanese bondage with double Long Arm Cast.She in DLAC was tied up with hemp rope. Her arms are in a cast and her eyes are bandaged. And then she was tied up her legs.

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2 years ago - Jun 13, 2022

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Shizuka SLC - Shooting location is at her room, the city and the suburbs. Costume is Kimono and suit, pajamas, etc.

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2 years ago - Mär 28, 2022

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Coco Long term dual armcasts - Her cast is slightly dirty and has a lot of graffiti on it. She goes to Comiket and lunch and visits a shrine in a cast for over a week. After having a cast on her arms, she drinks coffee, puts on boots, and goes to...

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2 years ago - Nov 29, 2021

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Rui Bandage & Eyepatch

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2 years ago - Okt 13, 2021

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2 years ago - Aug 16, 2021

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