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updated 4 months ago

Plaster and Cast

Casts Braces Crutches Wheelchair

Beautiful girls in casts. LLC, SLC, LAC, neckbraces and wheelchairs.

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Recent updates from Plaster and Cast

4 months ago - Mai 10, 2022

215 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Linda SLC part 2 - Linda is crutching for a long walk. She took off her sock so you can see her pretty exposed toes. This beautiful girl seems to enjoy the way people look at her. For crutching and close up fans.

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5 months ago - Apr 13, 2022

159 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Girls with casts

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7 months ago - Feb 10, 2022

169 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Mélanie LLC - After 2 long months with 2 llc, Mélanie is recovering. The problem is her left leg. She must keep this leg casted. No problem, she wants her life back. She has to be the perfect broken girl in the place. Look how she goes out, people...

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8 months ago - Jan 19, 2022

123 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Linda SLC - Linda is gone for a long walk. She can't let her broken foot touches the ground, so she has to use crutches all the way. If you enjoy pretty blond girl struggling with crutches, this video is for you.

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8 months ago - Jan 7, 2022

185 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Lena LLC (Part 3) - LENA is back home. After this long walk outside, she seems very tired. She crutches a little more then she will rest a bit on a couch. She will change her clothes and put a boot on her good foot. She can't stop using her crutches

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10 months ago - Nov 20, 2021

260 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Laure LLC + neck-brace + Elsa SLWC - Laure and Elsa are still crutching around. They seem tired and chose to go back home. Let's go for a long way back. They both struggle with there casts on the stair and in the street.

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11 months ago - Okt 22, 2021

316 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Mélanie both legs in LLC's - Mélanie is trying to deal with her two broken legs and wheelchair. She rolls around the flat, tries to play guitar and struggles with the wheels. Then she transfers herself to the couch. These two full leg casts make...

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