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updated 4 weeks ago

Casted Barbara | Patreon

Casts Braces Crutches

Hi Casters! Im a Latin woman who love to wear casts. I hope you like my cast adventures. Independent Cast Fetish Model from Chile

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Recent updates from Casted Barbara | Patreon

4 weeks ago - Jan 25, 2024

83 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Triple combo DSAC & SLC

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1 month ago - Dez 27, 2023

84 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Collection of 4 videos and photos with this combination of plasters specially made for this Christmas, where I decided to use 2 CLC and 2 SAC to celebrate this beautiful holiday

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2 months ago - Dez 20, 2023

71 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Santa's elve in cast | CLC & DSAC combo cast

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2 months ago - Dez 12, 2023

79 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Christmas special casts

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4 months ago - Sep 27, 2023

184 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Green fiberglass LAC application video ✨ | 14:30 minutes

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5 months ago - Sep 7, 2023

100 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

NEW VIDEO ✨ Fiberglass LLWC & wrist bandage - 10 minutes video

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6 months ago - Aug 23, 2023

98 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

FULL VIDEO | Pink SLC Barbie's tribute - 19 minutes video available

Visit update #5303

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