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updated 1 month ago

Casted Barbara | Patreon

Casts Braces Crutches

Hi Casters! Im a Latin woman who love to wear casts. I hope you like my cast adventures. Independent Cast Fetish Model from Chile

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Recent updates from Casted Barbara | Patreon

1 month ago - Mai 3, 2023

97 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Walking in LLWC | 16:45 minutes - This time, for the first time, i decided to wear a mask instead of bluring my face. I hope you like it ❤️

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1 month ago - Apr 26, 2023

61 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

My morning in DCLC | 17:26 minutes video

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2 months ago - Apr 2, 2023

86 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Broken leg couple LLC & LLWC Pt.1 | 5:37 minutes Video

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2 months ago - Mr 29, 2023

68 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Blue fiberglass LAC album update | 22 pictures

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2 months ago - Mr 23, 2023

62 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

SAC & SLWC Photoshoot | 65 pictures

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2 months ago - Mr 15, 2023

60 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

SLWC & SAC Combo outside | New 17:24 minutes video

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3 months ago - Mr 2, 2023

73 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Hey guys! im back with this big DCLC combo. Here im walking with and without crutches and showing you how my feets look in this amazing cast. I hope you enjoy it ????

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