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updated 6 months ago

Casted Barbara

Casts Braces Crutches

Hi Casters! Im a Latin woman who likes to wear casts for fun. I hope you like my cast adventures. Independent Cast Fetish Model from Chile

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Recent updates from Casted Barbara

6 months ago - Mär 8, 2022

166 Clicks, Rated: (1)

Pink SLWC Photoshoot and Video available

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6 months ago - Mär 2, 2022

68 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Watch me use crutches and walk while taking care of my plants wearing a Pink Fiberglass SLWC.

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7 months ago - Feb 8, 2022

100 Clicks, Leave some feedback!


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7 months ago - Feb 5, 2022

67 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Red SLC crutching in the yard [13:25 minutes]

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11 months ago - Okt 5, 2021

126 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Fishnet Pantyhose in angled LLC - 19:30 minutes clip available

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1 year ago - Sep 24, 2021

104 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

My ankle is healing and now i have to use a Cam walker boot and i decided to film the photoshoot session for you.

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1 year ago - Sep 22, 2021

91 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

I can't do much with my casted leg so i stayed in my bed reading and enjoing my comic books.

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