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updated 2 days ago

Joe's Clips

Casts Crutches

Get casting clips à la carte: Beautiful girls in all types of well made casts. Discreet PayPal transactions, 10mp images!

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Recent updates from Joe's Clips

2 days ago - Mai 13, 2022

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Maru’s Public Orange LLC - We decided on an orange LLC (her choice) and headed out. First, she chooses to take the stairs out of the building where the studio is so I filmed that. Then we crutch around a discount store where she checks out some items

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3 weeks ago - Apr 20, 2022

34 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Victoria’s Achilles Rupture SLC & Blue LLC - She calls a friend to take her to the hospital. Victoria comes home in a pointed white SLC with an ankle sock over the toes.

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1 month ago - Apr 13, 2022

29 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Adina’s Blue LLC - Welcome the super cute new model Adina. On this first shoot, I was mostly interested in meeting and getting to know Adina and I thought she would look good in a blue LLC. She agreed with that choice. She lives in a beautiful old...

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1 month ago - Apr 6, 2022

25 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Bella’s Black LLC - Bella is in a lot of pain with her new black LLC and hasn’t got the hang of crutching yet. She comes home and hits her cast on something before awkwardly crutching to have a seat. She slowly and painfully gets her leg propped up..

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1 month ago - Mr 28, 2022

24 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Izzabella’s Green Angled LLC - Izzabella is definitely not getting pinched in her green LLC this St. Patrick’s Day. I wanted to try a public shoot with her so we did a green 90° long leg cast and went out to a couple of stores.

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1 month ago - Mr 19, 2022

28 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Jessica Lynn’s Cast Crush Foot Worship LLC - This clip starts with Jessica Lynn on the phone with a girlfriend, with her LLC propped up, talking about the guy at work she has a crush on and his possible foot fetish. She’s never had a boyfriend...

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2 months ago - Mr 2, 2022

40 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Anna’s Black LLC - She’s had lots of prior experience with casts and broken bones but she’s new to modeling. In this clip, she’s dealing with her new cast and broken leg at home. Her leg is very painful and itchy and she’s struggling to get her leg..

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