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updated 3 months ago

BracedLife Patreon

Casts Braces Orthodontics Diaper

BracedLife - we make videos with stories with orthopedic braces, casts and all procedures involving them!

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Recent updates from BracedLife Patreon

3 months ago - Mär 6, 2024

640 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Alice gets Shoulder Spica Plaster Cast - Alice's journey begins at the clinic where she receives treatment for a cracked collarbone, emerging with a plaster cast shoulder spica.

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7 months ago - Okt 21, 2023

446 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Double plaster leg and arm casts in vintage splints and traction

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1 year ago - Jan 3, 2023

1016 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Victoria's Term Long Leg Plaster Cast Part II - Back To The Clinic (FREE PREVIEW)

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1 year ago - Dez 11, 2022

299 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Cheryl Fully Braced - Milwaukee & Leg Braces in wheelchair and on crutches - indoors and outdoors.

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1 year ago - Nov 26, 2022

568 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Pink Hair Headgear Girl gets Permanent Orthodontic Headgear

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1 year ago - Nov 16, 2022

504 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

FREE PREVIEW: Patient in Minerva Plaster Body Cast with Double Shoulder Spica

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1 year ago - Okt 28, 2022

1314 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Disabled Pam and her Caring Nurse - Pam is a heavily disabled girl. She can't move almost at all and can barely speak. She is taken cared by a vary caring nurse. The nurse...

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