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updated 1 year ago

Princess with a Cast


I made this video while I was in one of my medical LLCs at the beginning of 2020. I needed to run to Target, so I brought my roommate with me to follow me around with a camera to give you guys an inside look at my everyday life publicing in an LLC.

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1 year ago - Okt 19, 2022

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1 year ago - Jun 21, 2022

346 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

New Series Coming Soon ... Check the IG for sneak peaks

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1 year ago - Mär 14, 2022

319 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Pink LLC Promo: Use Promo Code PINK to get my Pink Med LLC folder for $15

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1 year ago - Dez 17, 2021

246 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Retro Plaster Legcast - I had fun with Vintage Vibes as this cast took me back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This folder has a lot of toes and crutching content, with a few sock pics and videos sprinkled in. Over 40 Minutes of Video!

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2 years ago - Okt 19, 2021

235 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

The Shed : Full Video

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2 years ago - Sep 3, 2021

269 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

DSS with Dip - For this set, I let those who preordered pick what kind of content to include in this set. And my goodness, we sure got NAUGHTY. Way more so than ever before, and I was just going along with all these naughty custom requests because...

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2 years ago - Aug 12, 2021

249 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Braced Play - Today I was trying to organize all my braces but got too turned on thinking about how amazing it would feel to play with them. Enjoy this 8 minute clip of me truly enjoying being so restricted and helpless in my braces and diaper.

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