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Recent updates from Sparklefootgirl

2 weeks ago - Sep 20, 2022

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Skateboarding Fail and a New Lime Green Cast - Well, what's a gorgeous summer without a gorgeous LLC? Took a tumble and broke my leg while skating in the park and now spending the rest of these summer daze on crutches in a bright green cast.

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2 months ago - Jul 29, 2022

115 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Basketball Breaks - Crutching & Shooting Hoops w/a Broken Ankle

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4 months ago - Mai 13, 2022

121 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Broken Leg by the Beach - Crutching and walking in a short leg cast in beautiful Pismo Beach, California! Note: Etsy shop coming soon with casts, shoes and socks for sale. Stay tuned!

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5 months ago - Apr 26, 2022

126 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Spring Time, Schwinn Time - Crutching & Biking in a Short Leg Cast - Beautiful weather, bright colors, a cool new cast, hummingbirds and a leisurely bike ride on a gorgeous vintage Schwinn Breeze.

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7 months ago - Feb 16, 2022

123 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

LLC Crutching - and Ziplining! While I won’t be snowboarding any time soon with my broken leg, I did find a zipline at the park while I was crutching around enjoying the sunshine. I just wish it were higher, faster and longer! I love to go fast.

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8 months ago - Jan 12, 2022

113 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Tough Break at the Lake (Part 2)

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9 months ago - Jan 2, 2022

121 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Tough Break at the Lake - Crutching in the Snow - My year is starting out with some tough breaks. Snowboarding during a storm in Lake Tahoe using vintage bindings left me with a broken ankle. Hello, 2022!

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