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updated 4 days ago

Quantum Banana

Casts 3D Art

Digital Art - I had been toying with the idea of doing some cast artwork that's outside of my story continuity but haven't figured out the details yet. Maybe something like game characters or something along those lines...

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Recent updates from Quantum Banana

4 days ago - Sep 30, 2022

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The Cast Simp ++ Lara Croft: Convalescence of the Tomb Raider

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1 month ago - Aug 24, 2022

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Shellie v7.0 Feet Edition: Work in Progress...

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2 months ago - Jul 18, 2022

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The Luncheon Snub ...

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5 months ago - Apr 26, 2022

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Insult to Injury: The Rival Clique

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6 months ago - Mr 19, 2022

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Stockings and Stockinette

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7 months ago - Mr 2, 2022

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SPECIAL UPDATE: The Maiden of Kyiv

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7 months ago - Feb 10, 2022

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Amélie Lacroix, has seen better days. The disastrous mission failure that caused her teammate Sombra multiple injuries also landed Widowmaker in an even more precarious state: her tall slender frame now fully encased in dense plaster.

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