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updated 3 days ago

Casters Worldwide Videos

Casts Crutches

We aim to make and show you the most uncommon casts combos you'll see on the internet. 4K60

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Recent updates from Casters Worldwide Videos

3 days ago - Mär 23, 2023

45 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

After her DLAC, Aini wanted to try a leg cast. The best way to begin was, of course, the much loved Long Leg Cast. Even though she thought it was going to be a burden, she loved every second in this cast (if you exclude crutching hehe)

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2 weeks ago - Mär 8, 2023

63 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

During her first cast experience, Aini had time to practice her favorite pastime: Drawing. Here you can see her practicing some poses and struggling to get the lines right

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1 month ago - Feb 21, 2023

132 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

My friend Aini came to visit. My condition to let her stay was she let me put her in a few casts. To introduce her in the awesome world of recreational casts I chose two long arm casts.

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1 month ago - Feb 7, 2023

163 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Watch me get up, have breakfast and clean around the house while I have my arm stuck to my body in a Velpeau cast. With a bit of perspective it was easier than the DSS but it was still a big challenge. I struggled a lot! XOXO Nora

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1 month ago - Feb 1, 2023

83 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Who said you can't train while you are casted? No matter how big the cast, doing some exercise is always a big challenge. In the end I was really tired (more than normal for sure) but I enjoyed every moment of it. I'm looking forward to seeing what I

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1 month ago - Jan 29, 2023

76 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Nora doing chores in a Double Shoulder Spica

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2 months ago - Jan 25, 2023

93 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

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