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updated 4 hours ago

Casters Worldwide Videos

Casts Crutches

I'm Nora and this are my casts

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1 week ago - Jun 11, 2024

76 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Nora CLC - Mas***bating

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2 weeks ago - Jun 4, 2024

84 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Last weekend I came back from a concert and my boyfriend received me with a bright yellow SLC. I don't wanted to be left alone, so I told him I could get a CLC since many people asked for it. It was really easy and quick to apply and soon my leg ...

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4 weeks ago - Mai 21, 2024

148 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

This is a combo that I wore last year but I never got to upload the application. It was my first combination of two arm casts and I got to wear them for a day. It was very restricting and even though I could walk I couldn't do almost anything...

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1 month ago - Mai 16, 2024

68 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Yuri takes a couple of breaks and writes the names of all the followers that wanted to sign her casts on the surface of her fiberglass long leg cast.

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1 month ago - Mai 4, 2024

118 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Yuri came back to her town (she doesn't mind people seein her in a cast) and went to walk and relax by the river after a long day in a long leg cast. In this video you can also see her try her best to pain her nails (without much success) and having

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1 month ago - Apr 23, 2024

137 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Yuri was a bit tired so she preferred using just one crutch to go through the difficult paths of this awesome forest by the river. She loves nature and this is one of her favourite spots so she wanted to give herself a good challenge and see if she..

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