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Casters Worldwide Videos

Casts Crutches

We aim to make and show you the most uncommon casts combos you'll see on the internet. 4K60

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Recent updates from Casters Worldwide Videos

1 hour ago - Sep 23, 2023

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This is the last video of the series where you can see Evelyne downtown publicking in her SLWC for everyone to see. She was already tired from using the crutches all day but as you can see she never gave up.

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1 week ago - Sep 11, 2023

25 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Evelyne SLWC Washing Feet and Crutching at the Beach

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2 weeks ago - Sep 5, 2023

44 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Can you imagine having both arms restricted together and at the mercy of someone else? Well that was part of what my boyfriend had in mind to punish me.

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3 weeks ago - Aug 28, 2023

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Yesterday I woke up and my boyfriend thought that it had been a while since I had got a cast. Our plans got cancelled due to an unexpected summer rainfall so he decided I was going to spend the day wrapped in fiberglass.

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no preview for update given

4 weeks ago - Aug 23, 2023

60 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Evelyne continues publicking in her cast around her town without minding the neighbors that might see her in a cast and crutches. In this last picture set you can see and download more than 200 pictures where Evelyne poses in an old wash-house...

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1 month ago - Aug 14, 2023

40 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

As Evelyne got a SLWC we couldn't miss the opportunity to see her using crutches, right? Even though she told me this was her first time using them she seems only natural. That must be because she's a fitness instructor and a lifeguard at the pool.

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1 month ago - Aug 4, 2023

62 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Here you can see Evelyne right after we applied her first cast ever, going for a walk in crutches. She looks really natural strolling about the beautiful fishing town of Sada.

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