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updated 5 days ago

College Crutching Cuties

Casts Crutches

CCC Reboot - Bringing to you the best of College Crutching Cuties from the last 15 years. Packs will continue to be released, so stay tuned, and reach out with any questions.

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Recent updates from College Crutching Cuties

5 days ago - Mai 10, 2022

26 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Last chance on new splint to llc soccer

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1 week ago - Mai 4, 2022

26 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

LLC Pack #2 - Blue and White Spring Soccer LLC, 19 mins. (c. 2014), Uncut version! You see the injury as she charges with a soccer ball towards the camera. Her lamenting her injury while in a giant inflatable vaccum splint on the field.

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2 weeks ago - Apr 26, 2022

29 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Med SLC Compilation - Crutches and Scooters (in each clip)

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3 weeks ago - Apr 20, 2022

60 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Saige Soccer Saga - Splint to SLC to LLC - A giant, full length, pink leg cast with black stockinette. She ambles back to campus, still proficient but a little slower and shares all about her pink cast which matches her pink pedicure.

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2 months ago - Mär 4, 2022

89 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

NEW LLC and SLC Packs for Sale from CCC

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no preview for update given

2 months ago - Feb 24, 2022

31 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

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