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updated 1 month ago


Casts Braces Crutches Wheelchair

A long time devotee of all orthopedic devices and disabled women. back and neck braces are my favorite. love old time adult scoliosis cases with long term immobilization and traction devices.

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Recent updates from Ifitz

1 month ago - Aug 6, 2022

154 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Neck braces, scoliosis cast & more.

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1 month ago - Jul 29, 2022

152 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Shoulder Spica Casts and some bondage style neck braces...

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4 months ago - Mai 4, 2022

183 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Various pictures of bodycast / minerva cast / legbrace

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6 months ago - Mär 28, 2022

208 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Pictures with men and women in (multiple) casts & braces...

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6 months ago - Mär 23, 2022

125 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Women in Halo pelvic traction ++ Some pictures with legbraces and wheelchairs

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7 months ago - Feb 16, 2022

118 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

TLSO / CTO / scoliosis brace on hot model.

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8 months ago - Jan 26, 2022

70 Clicks, Leave some feedback!

Minerva brace webfind

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