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updated 1 week ago

True Cast

Casts Crutches

Creating photos and videos, featuring traditional plaster cast.

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True Cast is the owner

Recent updates from True Cast

1 week ago - Jul 10, 2024

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Added preview for SLC crutch videos and photos

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1 week ago - Jul 8, 2024

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SLC with crutches

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no preview for update given

2 weeks ago - Jun 30, 2024

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Ratings & Reviews for True Cast

Jul 10, 2024
Good cast, but terrible video

Got the LLWC video, it's shaky, has strange framerate, not fluid, and there's strange compression contrast. It's really uncomfortable to watch. Update : thanks for contacting me. I appreciate the consideration.

Jul 10, 2024

I created an account just to comment here. I saw the evolution of some famous cast sites, and they all started with low-budget equipment before fame. I bought your SLWC and your SLC, beautiful casts. Your work is very welcome in our community, and congratulations on improving your equipment in SLC content. By Germany

Jul 10, 2024
Excelent SLC

The first production (SLWC and LLWC) has an amateur camera, and it's okay, i have no problem with that. But the new SLC production is excellent, and has a new equipment (mentioned in the payhip). Bravissimo!! Don't give up! Greetings from italy!

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True Cast


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